Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

There are also several important things to consider and discuss with Dr. Paris Abedi prior to any eyelid surgery if you have a history of dry eyes, and any prior eyelid surgery, both of which she may need to evaluate with care before performing any kind of eyelid surgery. If you do have dry eye’s they must be managed properly prior to any surgery or even setting a surgery date due to the fact that dry eye symptoms can sometimes become much worse after eyelid surgery. As standard practice, Dr. Abedi will not operate on a patient which active dry eye symptoms. In addition, patients with prior eyelid surgery may also be putting themselves at risk of dry eye symptoms and difficulty closing their eyelids, not to say that having prior surgery disqualifies you from having surgery again but it is important to keep Dr. Paris Abedi apprised.

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