Asian Eyelid Surgery (Double Eyelid Surgery)

Asian Eyelid Surgery (Double Eyelid Surgery)

What is Double Eyelid Surgery and What Can Be Done?

Double eyelid surgery is sometimes commonly referred to as Asian eyelid surgery is a common type of cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure which is mostly chosen by patients of Asian lineage. In recent years there have been medical advances which have allowed surgeons to better understand the anatomy specifically in reference to the Asian population, which has led to more predictable results. As double eyelid surgery is a highly delicate procedure it requires a medical professional that possesses a remarkable level of detail and experience. Dr. Abedi holds double eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery as one of the most gratifying surgeries she performs. With Asian eyelid surgery, every surgery is unique and each patient has his or her own desires for the outcome. Dr. Abedi’s years of experience and refined skill set allow her to formulate a custom-tailored surgical plan for each of her patients to optimize results. She spends time with the patient going through the entire process and working with the patient to formulate the plan to

their liking.

Anatomic Structure Asian & Occidental Eyelids:

The anatomic structure of the Asian eyelid is the same as an Occidental (Caucasian or non-Asian) lid. However, the differences lie in the size and position of these particular eyelid structures. In most cases, the upper eyelid crease in Asian lids forms closer to the eyelashes, creating a different shape, and sometimes develops incomplete or has multiple folds to it. This results in variations in the Asian eyelid to the extent that there are variations in almost every eyelid a medical professional assesses. This is why each patient must be carefully evaluated and their surgical plan must be tailored to what they desire of the outcome. There are many reasons one would choose to seek cosmetic surgery to correct Double Eyelid Surgery. Some patients seek to look more “westernized” some (without an eyelid crease) are looking to have their eyelids match other Asian eyelids that do have an eyelid crease. Dr. Abedi takes all of her patient’s wishes into regard when formulating the surgical plan. That is why it’s important to speak to the doctor about your specific goals and outcome of the procedure. Dr. Abedi welcomes photos of the desired outcome, it always helps to clarify because after all, you are the patient!

Occidental Eyelids vs. Asian Upper Eyelids

Another characteristic of the Asian upper eyelid is that it also appears full and “puffier” than the Occidental upper eyelid.

The main differences between Asian upper eyelids and Occidental upper eyelids are:

    1. Orbital fat is located at a lower position in the upper eyelids which also herniates easier and as a result “bulges” easier.

    2. Thicker brow fat allows for a more prominent eyebrow.

    3. A thicker subcutaneous fat layer of the skin allows for a difficult crease to form.

Asian eyelids usually might have some element of an epicanthal fold. An epicanthal fold is a small crescent of skin that is usually present between the inner eyelid corner and the nose. Dr. Abedi can help in reducing or changing some of the epicanthal fold at the same as an eyelid surgery. In cases of severe epicanthal folds, Dr. Abedi can perform epicanthoplasty to reduce the prominence of the epicanthal fold.

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