Ptosis Surgery (Droopy Eyelids)

Ptosis Surgery (Droopy Eyelids)

Bell’s Palsy is more commonly known as facial nerve paralysis, a paralysis or dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (known as the facial nerve) that produces a lack of ability to control facial muscles on an affected side of an individual’s face. There are several conditions that can cause a facial paralysis such as this examples include; Lyme disease, brain tumor, and stroke. However in the case that a specific cause cannot be found the condition is known as Bell’s Palsy. Patients usually experience some kind of weakness to one side of their face and depending on severity the eyelid can be affected as well.

Some patients report weakness when attempting to blink or shut their eyes which conclude in the drying of the eye which causes constant pain and irritation with risk for infection. When the eye is exposed to the elements it causes extreme dryness called lagophthalmos which left untreated can result in corneal abrasions or infections. Dr. Abedi’s practice is experienced in treating patients with facial nerve palsies that affect their eyelid.

The numerous techniques used by Dr. Abedi include the use of a gold or platinum weight inside the eyelid (if the weakness is in the upper lid). The Doctor will implant the weight in the deeper structure of the eyelid to optimize the cosmetic outcome. In some cases, the lower lid also needs to be re-suspended so as to allow for better closure. The procedure involves the placement of the gold weight properly so that there is no protrusion or any visible remnant from the eyelid in the shape of a mass, only to allow the simple function of moving the patient’s eyelid.

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