Eyelid Malpositions (Ectropion/Entropion)

Eyelid Malpositions (Ectropion/Entropion)

The malpositioning of eyelids can be a real issue for a patient, eyelids need to be in a normal position to allow for not only adequate tear production and drainage but also to allow eyelids to close properly during each blink. When eyelids are malpositioned they can cause serious irritation to the eye causing tearing, pain, and in severe cases serious infection. The lower lid positions can sometimes change usually the cause of: age, trauma, sun damage, or prior surgeries. They can be “turned out”, which is referred to as ectropion, “turned in”, which is referred to as entropion, or can sometimes be retracted or notched. There are various ways Dr. Abedi can go about repairing a lower lid malposition. It usually depends on the type of problem and cause of the problem (etiology). Dr. Abedi will sit down and carefully consult with you the options you have available after reviewing the history and performing a full examination of

your eyelids.

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