Common Questions about Oculoplastic surgery

Common Questions about Oculoplastic surgery

The main question patients should ask before any surgery eye surgery included is whether the surgeon has experience with the procedure and condition. Ask your surgeon if they’ve treated other patients with your condition before, and if so, what the outcomes were.

Asking how many of the particular procedure your surgeon has done is important as more often a surgeon does a procedure, the more likely they are to be better at it. Your surgeon should be able to share the number of surgeries like yours they’ve done previously and how many of those had good results for their patients.

My patients often ask me what they can expect during their surgeries. Most people are nervous about any type of surgery, and surgery around the eyes can be even more intimidating. I perform many of my procedures in the office. Patients usually are awake during these procedures, but I give them local anesthesia so they don’t feel pain. After surgery, patients can go home, and their recovery is quick in most cases.

Your eyes are too important to trust to just anyone. An oculoplastic surgeon understands the eye’s intricate details and is specially trained to treat conditions that affect the tissues around this delicate organ.

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