What conditions do oculoplastic surgeons treat?

Dr. Abedi's practice, like that of many other oculoplastic surgeons, deals with cosmetic and functional surgeries. Functional surgeries of the eye are procedures that improve either a patient’s vision or some other symptom related to a medical condition that affects the eye. Because these are medically necessary procedures, patients’ insurance plans usually cover some or all of the cost.
personally don’t do many cosmetic procedures, which are primarily related to improving a patient’s appearance.

Why choose an oculoplastic surgeon for eye surgery?

Some of the many procedures she performs include:

  • Blepharoplasty, removal of eyelid lesions, drooping eyelid repair (ptosis repair), malpositioned eyelid repair (entropion or ectropion repair)
  • Removal of blind, painful, disfigured eyes and insertion of orbital implants, so that people can obtain a natural-appearing prosthetic “glass eye”
  • Surgery to treat tumors or disorders of the eye socket, such as thyroid eye disease, which can cause bulging of the eye
  • Tear duct surgery, such as correcting a blocked tear duct
Common Questions about Oculoplastic surgery

She also evaluates and treats patients for neurological conditions that affect their vision. This field of medicine is called neuro-ophthalmology. Some of the conditions that affect vision include:

  • Bell’s palsy, a weakening or paralysis of one side of the face
  • Blepharospasm, involuntary blinking or twitching of the eyelid
  • Cranial nerve disorders, which affect eye movements and can cause double vision
  • Optic neuropathies, or diseases of the optic nerve

Dr. Paris Abedi ☎(949) 371-5915 is a board-certified Ophthalmologist that exclusively specializes in diseases and surgery of the eye serving Aliso Viejo, Irvine, and Orange County, California.

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